Jul 9, 2013

QR Code "Junk Food" Virtual Mall

T-shirt online retailer Junk Food has a new physical presence that uses digital displays inside a California mall and QRickits to enable shoppers to make a purchase.

The digital displays, which rotate through a selection of popular vintage t-shirts, make it possible for the company to have a physical presence that does not have a large carbon footprint. By scanning a QR code with their smartphones or tablets, shoppers can purchase a custom-printed t-shirt and have it shipped to their homes.

 “Junk Food was looking to launch retail stores and we thought the timing was perfect to try something new,” said Andrei Najjar, vice president of marketing and brand development at Junk Food Clothing Co., Los Angeles, CA. “It is no longer necessary to have a large retail blueprint – in fact, we think it is much more modern and eco with this approach – less of a carbon footprint.

QR Codes and Perfume

Bond No. 9 is a perfume maker with several retail shops in New York City and an online shop. Its perfumes are also available at Saks Fifth Avenue and Harrods.

Inside a Bond No.9 Location
Its latest perfume is made for the "digital village" and will be available only online during its launch period.

The neon yellow bottle is covered with a blue QRickit that when scanned brings users to the mobile site where the perfume can be purchased. It costs $250 for 100ml. See BondNo9.com.

Apr 9, 2013

QR Code and Free Cupcakes

New York Magazine together with Crumbs Bake Shop launched a campaign where consumers get a free cupcake when they scan the magazine ad's QR Code and sign up for the New York Deals program, which is a list of deals and offers emailed daily.

This is the first time for New York Magazine to use QR codes for marketing. The goal is to promote the magazine’s New York Deals program and get people to sign up with the offer of a free delicious cupcake from Crumbs Bake Shop.

“For the New York Deals promotion with Crumbs we wanted to make sure we leveraged the print magazine as well as our digital properties,” said a project manager of business development at New York Magazine.

“The QR code allowed us to set up one-step shortcut right to the deal page where you can get your cupcake voucher. The thinking here was to encourage conversions by making the process as smooth as possible.”

Apr 2, 2013

KFC offers Buckets of QRickits

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) recently introduced Li'l Bucket Kids Meals. The outside of the small bucket is designed with fun stuff such as puzzles, riddles, pictures and a QR code.

“Including the QR code on Li’l Bucket Meals makes it easy for moms to access complete information on the product,” said a senior manager of public relations at KFC Corp., Louisville, KY.

“The QR code links to a mobile page that includes product information – including the food options available in Li’l Bucket Meals – complete nutrition information, and a link to enter to win KFC’s ‘Ultimate Playground Experience Sweepstakes,’”

“Nine out of 10 KFC customers have mobile phones, so this is a convenient way to put all our Kids Meal information at mom’s fingertips.”

Now many restaurants and consumer packaged goods companies are taking advantage of QR codes that link to more detailed product and nutritional information, hence freeing up valuable packaging space while also taking advantage of the growing smartphone adoption rate.

“Since last summer virtually all of our packaging, including buckets and boxes, has included QR codes,”

“We are always striving to find the best, most relevant ways to connect with our customers and the QR code on our Li’l Bucket Meals is a great way to connect with moms,”

“As consumers continue to get more comfortable interacting with brands through mobile devices, our use of QR codes will continue to grow.”

Feb 1, 2013

Krispy Creme QRickit QR Code

This Valentine's Day time, doughnut chain, Krispy Creme, is offering heart-shaped doughnuts. On the box there is a QR Code which when scanned lets the user send a Valentine eCard to someone.

This is the second time Krispy Kreme has used QR codes. It has also used them for in-store promotions such as Dozen Days of Doughnuts, Krispy Skremes and the launch of the Hot Light app.

According to a Krispy Creme spokesperson:

“The QR code is an extension of the cards that are provided in our Valentines Boxes and a way to extend those cards to a larger audience.”

“This enables our fans share the joy digitally.”

“You receive more scans when the QR codes are integrated into multiple printed pieces and placed where consumers can see them in your shop and at their eye-level.”

“If the QR codes are incorporated into a campaign over at least two weeks you will have measurable results.”

Jan 14, 2013

Organize your life with QR Codes by QRickit

Office Depot is kicking off 2013 with a QR Code campaign to help people organize and declutter.

The "Organize Me 2013" campaign offers an interactive experience that not only helps customers find the products they need, but also find inspiration from new organizing techniques that can be simply incorporated into their everyday lives.

At Office Depot stores, customers can scan QR Codes on certain products marked “Organize Me 2013 Expert Pick” to view helpful videos and other content.

Home/office organization expert Holly Bohn-Weiss, along with tech guru and author of “Gadget Nation”, Steve Greenberg, share their unique tips, product suggestions and informative videos, as well as host a contest to search for the next great organizer.