Feb 14, 2023

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WhatsApp QR Code: You can create a QR Code with your WhatsApp "Click-to-Chat" link (URL) like the example above. To create/get your link see below or the WhatsApp FAQ. You can also create a QR Code for Contact Info (Business Card). Just add your WhatsApp "Click-to-Chat" link in the "Other Link" field.

Create QR Code for URL | Create QR Code for Contact Info

* How to create your WhatsApp "Click-to-Chat" Link

Use https://wa.me/<number> and replace <number> with your phone number including international country code without any starting zeroes, brackets, or dashes. e.g. https://wa.me/1234567890

To include a message use https://wa.me/<number>?text=<urlencodedtext> and replace the <urlencodedtext> with your message using the + sign instead of spaces. e.g. https://wa.me/1234567890?text=This+is+an+example



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