May 10, 2012

Virtual QR Code Store in Subway

Following the use of QRickits and wall-to-wall posters in subway statioins in Japan and Korea (see this Youtube video), US online grocery store, Peapod, has created a virtual store in the subway tunnels of Chicago
Busy commuters can now scan QRickits at subway stations to order groceries that will be delivered to their homes.

QRickit is helping create virtual storefronts for pizza and other restaurants and shops that offer delivery or pickup.

Ask QRickit if you are interested in expanding your business using this method.

FYI: In Tokyo, Japan more than 3.6 million people use the Shinjuku subway station each day!

QR Code Fashion Express

Fashion retailer, Express, is using QRickits on in-store posters and window decals to encourage shoppers to join its loyalty program.

When scanned, shoppers are directed to the Express mobile site where they can sign up for the program or to gain extra reward points. Employees are trained to help shoppers scan the QRickit with their smartphones.

Oftentimes, shoppers leave the store and forget to sign up for the program later, but by encouraging shoppers to sign up while at the store using their smartphones will help prevent such cases.

Last year Express also used QRickits in its fall catalog to promote online and offline sales of its new product lines.