Feb 1, 2013

Krispy Creme QRickit QR Code

This Valentine's Day time, doughnut chain, Krispy Creme, is offering heart-shaped doughnuts. On the box there is a QR Code which when scanned lets the user send a Valentine eCard to someone.

This is the second time Krispy Kreme has used QR codes. It has also used them for in-store promotions such as Dozen Days of Doughnuts, Krispy Skremes and the launch of the Hot Light app.

According to a Krispy Creme spokesperson:

“The QR code is an extension of the cards that are provided in our Valentines Boxes and a way to extend those cards to a larger audience.”

“This enables our fans share the joy digitally.”

“You receive more scans when the QR codes are integrated into multiple printed pieces and placed where consumers can see them in your shop and at their eye-level.”

“If the QR codes are incorporated into a campaign over at least two weeks you will have measurable results.”