Apr 28, 2010

How many people does it take to make a QR Code?

Only 1 if you use the free QRickit QR Code Creator.


Get your own QRickit at QRickit.com!

Scan and go...

Tokyo Disneyland subway posters. I wonder if they are giving away something first-come-first-serve to people who sign up at their mobile site. Just scan and go. They can view it on their mobile phones while riding the trains....


Calorie counting?

Here is how McDonald's in Japan is using QRickits. Checkout the calories on a Big Mac!


Apr 26, 2010

Greetings - From your little friend QRickit.

Hi, my name is QRickit.

I am small, but I can help people do all sorts of things.

There are QRickits everywhere in Japan - on softdrink cans, candy bar wrappers, business cards, flyers, posters, billboards, magazines, newspapers, and more. I met quite a few in Europe too.

Here's a video of me a while ago when people were just getting to know me in Japan.

Now, QRickits are travelling the world to make people`s lives easier and more interesting. Hopefully you will help spread the word about QRickits.

Thanks also to Google for your support. Recently they sent a few thousand of us little helpers to selected businesses across the USA. I'm sure their new owners are putting them to good use working hard to get potential customers to visit their mobile Business Place Page on Google. (Read more at Google.)

In this blog, I will let you know how QRickits are working together with people and mobile phones to make lives easier (and definitely more interesting).

Visit QRickit.com to get your very own QRickit. If you have any QRickit photos, videos, stories or comments that you wish to share here, please let me know.

Your little friend,


"Qrick Here" to go to QRickit.com to use my Free QR Code Creator and other cool stuff.