Dec 5, 2017

From brides to street markets and beggars. QRickit is big in China!

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Even weddings display QR Codes (on invitation cards, signs at wedding halls, placards on banquet tables, even on brides' wedding gowns) so people can give gifts of money by scanning the QR Code and paying online.

Customer at street market pays online for food by scanning QR Code

Passerby makes online donation to a beggar by scanning QR Code

Don't have any small change or cash on you? Pay using your mobile device by scanning a QR Code. This is how they do it in China.

Hopefully more people and businesses around the world will use QRickit to make paying for things more convenient in a world where cash transactions are becoming fewer and fewer. 

It's free and easy to make your own QR Codes for people to scan and pay you online. Just go to Maybe try it for your own wedding or any fund-raising event.


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