Apr 30, 2011

How to track QR Codes: Simple and Free Solution

- How many times was my QR Code scanned/used?
- How can I easily track my QR Code(s)?

Simple & Free Solution:
Get a free Google short URL with statistics (URL tracking). Then use the Google short URL to create your QRickit QR Code at http://qrickit.com/ or using the QRickit Widget here. Google gives you a link to a page where you can view basic stats for the short URL (a "click" means someone scanned your QR Code and went to the short URL). If you wish to track the same QR Code displayed in several places, you can get multiple Google short URL's that point to the same long URL (i.e. get one Google short URL for the QR Code on your flyer, another one for your magazine ad, another one for your business card, and so on).

Tip: If you are only allowed to make 1 short URL per long URL, you can append something to the end of the long URL which makes the long URL unique but does not affect it. For example: qrickit.com/index.html?id=1, qrickit.com/index.html?id=2, etc. By appending ?id=# it makes the long URL unique but it will always leads to qrickit.com/index.html.

Tracking a QR Code means we are tracking the URL associated with the QR Code. So tracking only works with QR Codes embedded with URL data.

For users who need a more advanced solution and analytics, please see my earlier post about using multiple QR Codes, Google URL Builder and Google Analytics.


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