Jan 4, 2011

Making Mobile Content

Nowadays, almost anyone can make mobile content. This can be as simple as posting an image (i.e. coupon) online. Your QRickit can direct smartphone users to the URL of the image.

A mobile site is basically a "lite" version web site with small images, brief text and links in a simple layout to fit the smaller screen size and browser limitations of smartphones.

So anyone with basic web and graphic design skills can make a mobile site and content. If you don't have these skills you can use the services provided by Google Places to create a free business mobile site with coupons or BigCommerce to create a mobile (and web) shop to sell your products. If you don't have the time or skills and wish to outsource this work, there are plenty of web and graphic designers eager to work with you. If contacting a designer for outsourcing, make sure they know about QRickit.


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